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Learn HTML and how to build websites


When I was 11 years old I learned HTML in a matter of days. Back then it required a lot of searching around the internet just to learn one particular area of interest but still HTML is very easy to learn. These days learning HTML is even easier.

HTML stands for hypertext markup language. HTML controls the layout of websites and how they are displayed on a web browser like Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. Today, there are many different software packages and ebooks that help you learn how to build websites in a matter of hours or even build your websites for you. Knowing how to build websites and knowing how the internet work are very valuable skills to have in 2011. Here are some resources for learning HTML and other technologies.

Site Builder Elite

SiteBuilder Elite is software by Gary Nugent (of Ireland). It will build you a pretty nice looking web site complete with articles, adsense ads, amazon products and some other advertising programs. These are all laid out nicely on your page, and that alone saves you a ton of time.

Really Easy Website Builder

Really Easy Website Builder brings you a unique combination powerful page generation tools plus our superb What You See Is What You Get Page Editor and FTP uploader.
It’s probably the easiest solution to building websites that you’ll ever find on the Internet.

Web Design Software Course

These guys offer an extensive course covering the fundamentals of using web design software such as Adobe Dreamweaver and Fireworks. I haven’t heard anything but good feedback from users who try this course out. Super easy to learn, you can change your life by learning how to use the Adobe suite of web development tools. You never know, you could even end up a freelance web designer working for yourself. My life would be vastly different if I hadn’t spent the time learning the things I know how to do.

Go ahead and ask me any questions about this subject it’d be great to help someone get started in the industry. The internet is certainly the communication platform of the future.


Is your PC infected with malware?

Do you think you may have malware on your PC? There’s a very good chance that you do. How can you tell? Here I provide some tools for malware removal.

Spyzooka (free scan)


There’s no question that the makers of SpyZooka believe in their program. SpyZooka guarantees that within 24 hours of downloading their product, all spyware will be blocked or removed from your computer. In addition, they offer free customer support for 1 year (which is the length of time your purchase of SpyZooka lasts), and they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you have problems.

The company who manufactures SpyZooka, BluePenguin Software, created this program in order to solve problems their president Carl Haugen encountered with ineffective spyware programs. SpyZooka detects and removes a variety of issues from spyware, adware, and keyloggers to malware, hijackers, and rogue antispyware. SpyZooka also claims to deal with “any related threats,” which leads us to believe that this is one of the most complete spyware options out there.

Installation of SpyZooka is simple: you enter your e-mail address when you purchase SpyZooka, and downloading instructions are e-mailed to you immediately. If you’re interested in trying SpyZooka, their website offers you the opportunity to scan your computer free of charge. The “testimonials” section of SpyZooka’s website makes it clear that this company is all about the customer, and their commitment to helping you use your computer free of spyware and adware threats is a breath of fresh air. Purchase of SpyZooka allows you access to their “50 Internet Tips” article, which provides you with some handy information on surfing the web safely. SpyZooka is definitely a complete spyware package.

Spyzooka (free scan)

The single best way to knowing whether or not your computer is infected is to be familiar with your computer. Just like a car, a computer is a machine and occassionally needs maintenance. This article can give you some other tips on determining whether or not you’ve been infected with malware.

Do I have Malware?

More malware removal tools in upcoming articles.

Anonymous Hacking Anonymous?

This is an interesting article on ars technica. It seems that there is some in-fighting amongst the faceless group called “anonymous”; the group who has recently garnered some media attention. Most of the media reports I’ve seen on the mainstream media have been pretty misinforming. You can read the article here:

Anonymous Hacked

Fake antivirus Software

Over the years, I’ve fixed friend’s and family’s computers and one of the biggest things in common with their issues is fake antivirus software. This software is usually out on the internet pretending to be legitimate antivirus software; my family member or friend downloads it and then end up with infected with bad viruses that can do all kinds of things even steal your credit card information and passwords.
I found this software that will get rid of these fake antivirus programs if they are installed. The program is called Frontline Rogue Killer you can find it Here and I will also provide a link below.

Rogue Killer

Welcome to my PC advice Blog

I’ve always wanted to start a blog for helping people find useful tools to help them fix their computers. I’m an experienced software engineer so I have a unique perspective on people’s computer problems. Add my blog to your favorites if you want some useful links to tools, news, and any advice I might have. Please share this blog with your friends and I hope you enjoy what I post here :)

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