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Is your PC infected with malware?

May 10, 2011

Do you think you may have malware on your PC? There’s a very good chance that you do. How can you tell? Here I provide some tools for malware removal.

Spyzooka (free scan)


There’s no question that the makers of SpyZooka believe in their program. SpyZooka guarantees that within 24 hours of downloading their product, all spyware will be blocked or removed from your computer. In addition, they offer free customer support for 1 year (which is the length of time your purchase of SpyZooka lasts), and they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you have problems.

The company who manufactures SpyZooka, BluePenguin Software, created this program in order to solve problems their president Carl Haugen encountered with ineffective spyware programs. SpyZooka detects and removes a variety of issues from spyware, adware, and keyloggers to malware, hijackers, and rogue antispyware. SpyZooka also claims to deal with “any related threats,” which leads us to believe that this is one of the most complete spyware options out there.

Installation of SpyZooka is simple: you enter your e-mail address when you purchase SpyZooka, and downloading instructions are e-mailed to you immediately. If you’re interested in trying SpyZooka, their website offers you the opportunity to scan your computer free of charge. The “testimonials” section of SpyZooka’s website makes it clear that this company is all about the customer, and their commitment to helping you use your computer free of spyware and adware threats is a breath of fresh air. Purchase of SpyZooka allows you access to their “50 Internet Tips” article, which provides you with some handy information on surfing the web safely. SpyZooka is definitely a complete spyware package.

Spyzooka (free scan)

The single best way to knowing whether or not your computer is infected is to be familiar with your computer. Just like a car, a computer is a machine and occassionally needs maintenance. This article can give you some other tips on determining whether or not you’ve been infected with malware.

Do I have Malware?

More malware removal tools in upcoming articles.


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